Our Special Items change on a weekly basis so keep checking as the item you are looking for may be on special next week. Unlike other stores, we put hottest and most popular selling products on sale to save you even more money.

If you plan on purchasing in quantity, call us, and we will try to save you additional money. 

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Grow Light Packages

Grow Lights are perhaps the most import aspect of successful indoor gardening. The proper lighting is the most important part of photosynthesis. The experts at The Great Lakes Hydroponics Co.  have put together packages priced to sell and to ensure proper lighting for you indoor garden,

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Grow Tent Packages

If you are in need of a complete grow package then we have package waiting for you. We offer Grow Tent Packages for the beginner, intermediate or advanced grower. Our experts have put together packages that will take all of the guess work out of designing you indoor garden.

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Nutrient Packages

Nutrients, Nutrients, Nutrients... what to us, how to use them and most important how much to use. To much is bad, not enough is critical. We have put together nutrient packages that will help you use the proper amount of Nutrients, Supplements and Additives.

Our experts prides them selves on the knowledge of nutrients and passing this on to you only ensures a successful indoor garden.

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Clearance Items

At The Great Lakes Hydroponics Co., Clearance Items do not mean old out of date products and nutrients. It generally means we are creating shelf space for other terrific products. Often you will find that our Clearance Items are regular price items at other stores.

DO not miss out on these great items... check back on a regular basis and you mind find a deal you cannot pass up.

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